The soulreaver staff is a magic-oriented weapon that strengthens the dark magic of the user.


This weapon is obtained at nearly the beginning of the first mission of the Necropolis campaign. Acquiring it will also complete a secondary quest.

Leveling and Abilities:Edit

Ability Description Level Requirement
Dark Affinity Increases Magic Power (Dark) by <5> and reduces mana cost of Dark spells by <10>%. 1 N/A
+5 Initiative N/A 2 100,000 xp

Mana Drain

<20>% of the mana spent by the enemy Hero restores your Hero's Mana. 3 300,000 xp
+5 Magic Power N/A 4 600,000 xp
Time Stasis Creates a trap on the combat map. The first enemy creature moving across the trap is inflicted by Time Stasis: target skips the next <2> turns. Time Stasis is not dispelled by attacks. 5 1,000,000 xp