The Sisters of Elrath are devoted to the worship of the Dragon of Light. Chosen for their spiritual gifts, these women have dedicated their lives to bringing light and warmth to all the people in need. Sisters of Elrath are respected and loved by all the citizens of the Empire, and in war times they are on the front lines to care for the wounded.

Sister Stats:Edit

Name Sister Might Defense 3
Size 1 Magic Defense 8
Attack Type Light Hitpoints 19
Damage 5-7 Morale 10
Basic Growth 7 Initiative 20
Upgrade Growth 4 Movement 5
Max Growth 14 Movement Type walker
Luck 7 Range none
Passive Abilities Pacification
Active Abilities None
Generic Abilities Living

Vestal Stats:Edit

Name Vestal Might Defense 4
Size 1 Magic Defense 10
Attack Type Light Hitpoints 25
Damage 5-7 Morale 12
Basic Growth 7 Initiative 25
Upgrade Growth 4 Movement 5
Max Growth 14 Movement Type
Luck 7 Range
Passive Abilities Pacification
Active Abilities Heal
Generic Abilities Living

Ability Descriptions:Edit

Sister Heal
Heal: Target friendly creature gains 5 health.


Living: Can be healed and resurrected. Susceptible to morale.

Vestal Only:Edit

Vestal Pacification
Pacification: Target enemy creature cannot move, attack, or use any abilities for 2 turn[s]. Pacification is dispelled if damage is dealt to the target.


Sisters are one of the most powerful Core creatures of any faction, and will be regarded both by you and by your enemy that way. Extremely soft and not all that plentiful, they will be targeted almost immediately and exclusively until their numbers are thinned significantly, and thus they should be carefully and strategically protected in all combats. Somewhat surprisingly (and in the interest of balance), they are not ranged units, and they do significant damage with their normal attack, but this is far from their primary purpose. They are the second most effective healer (and the most effective direct healer) of any Core creature, especially since their heal is able to resurrect units permanently. Perhaps equally important is that three of the five factions (the undead Necropolis, the Inferno's demons, and the orcish legions of the Stronghold) can actually be attacked with heals, making the Sister an incredibly powerful ranged attacker in those combats. However, because Heal is so strong, it can only be used twice per combat, so use it carefully and balance the incredible damage it can do with the resurrection capability in combats. And as if the ability wasn't already strong enough, Heal also does not operate on a cooldown (it can be used on consecutive turns). The Vestal allows the unit to become even more tactically complex with the addition of the Pacification ability, which will freeze a target for 2 turns (returning to combat on the enemy's initiative on the third turn) or until it takes damage. Worth noting is the lethality of the two abilities in combination; the Vestals can freeze the final stack of an enemy in combat, and then expend one or both of their heals on the subsequent turns to allow you to recover fully before crushing the final stack on the following turn.