Final Name Tier (1-4) Magic School Reputation Active or Passive ? Cooldown Effect Base Mana Basic X Repu I. Repu II.
Bound By Death 3 Warfare TEARS Passive Friendly undead stacks standing adjacent to corpses drain a portion of their departing lifeforce to regain <percent>% of their Health. 1.32% 1.52% 1.74%
Curse of the Netherworld 4 Dark BLOOD Active once All living creatures on the combat map are dealt <hpdamage> damage (Dark). Part of this damage is evenly added to the Health of all undead present. 70 1000/500 1150/575 1322/661
Death is not the End 4 Warfare TEARS Passive When a friendly undead stack is destroyed, it drains <hpdamage> Health from all adjacent enemy stacks to instantly revive itself (with the amount of Health drained). Each stack is raised only once per combat. 294 339 389
Doom 4 War Cries BLOOD Active Once Target Core or Elite stack is doomed to perish within <duration> turns, unless the combat is won first. 14 12 10
Mark of the Necromancer 3 Prime BLOOD Passive Makes all enemy creatures <bloodvulnerability>% more vulnerable to abilities from the Path of Blood. 19.9% 22.9% 26.4%
Face of Death 1 Warfare NEUTRAL Passive Each time an enemy stack dies, all surviving enemies are confronted with a vision of their own death. Reduces Damage, Might Resistance and Magic Resistance by <damagemightmagicresistance>% and decreases Morale and Luck by <moraleluck> for 1 turn. Reduction:
-3 Morale
-3 Luck
-3% resist
-3% damage
No Rest for the Wicked 3 Prime TEARS Passive Increases power of Necromancy by <percent>%. 26% 30% 35%
Sacrifice 4 Prime TEARS Active once Target friendly stack channels all damage done to friendly creatures to himself. Lasts for 2 turns, or until the sacrificed stack is destroyed. Damage taken is reduced by <damageresistance>%. 80 25% 29% 33%
Asha Uses All 1 Prime NEUTRAL Passive Your Hero gains <number> Mana for each stack (ally or enemy) destroyed during combat. 3
Vampiric Embrace 3 Warfare BLOOD Passive Attacks of all friendly stacks drain the lifeforce of living targets. Restores their Health by <percent>% of the damage dealt. 4.1% 4.8% 5.5%